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My first “real” job was as a translator, and now I’m a technical writer by profession.

I’ve lived all over the world, but consider Florida home. Florida gets a bad rap, but it’s the best state in the US. Any place where you can wear flip-flops to a sit-down restaurant and not attract any attention is fine by me.

(Here’s a video of me speaking four languages.)

After high school, I studied Modern Standard Arabic. After about 15 months of full-time study and some follow-on advanced courses, I was able to work with the language for the next several years.

I then got an English degree and learned that even though I had been speaking English for 20+ years, I still had a lot to learn. I still do.

Since then, I’ve taught myself Spanish (and got pretty decent results) and German (and got pretty decent results with that too).

Looking forward to seeing you inside!