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Tagalog Project – Update #1

If you’re a part of my Language Surf Club, then you know from my newsletter that I want my Tagalog project to be my most transparent language project to date. So here’s update #1. Video For the video, I used a script to help me. I read the line, looked at the web cam, said…

The Gates of Intramuros, Manila

New Language Project: Tagalog!

Kumusta! Anong balita? In my last post, I talked about how it’s going to take 15 weeks for the results of my German-to-English translation test to get back to me. Well, I’m going to use this time wisely and try to cross off something on my language bucket list while I wait: I’m going to…


Translating German in Miami

This weekend I drove four hours from my home in Orlando to Miami. Miami! Was I there to visit its beautiful world-famous beach? Eat a medianoche at a Cuban sandwich place? Go dancing with models at a trendy nightclub? Nope. I was there to take a translation test. (Womp-wompppp) After a couple years of studying…


Project Wrap Up – Understanding News

Six weeks ago I started a project: Understand the news better. Was I able to overcome the challenge of comprehending stories that spanned diverse topics, contained specialized vocabulary, were written for advanced readers, and often covered depressing subject matter?   The answer: Yes! The project was a success! Highlights of the Process I studied in…


Quick Update – Understanding the News

Here’s a brief progress report for my Understanding News project. It’s been three weeks since I started. I’m starting to feel a lot more comfortable with media German, both spoken and written. I’ve only learned about 250 new words, so it’s not like the size of my vocabulary has made a huge difference. Mainly, I…

Berlin TV Tower
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Understanding News – Language Learning

I’m still working toward becoming a German-to-English translator. After passing the ACTFL German reading exam, I’ve kept the momentum going and have been studying every day. I still have a ways to go, though, so I’m going to bump things up a notch. It’s time to get really good at understanding news. As of today…

St. Pauli Theater - Hamburg, Germany
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Project Update: 90-Day Push

I’ve been spending the last three months getting ready to take the ACTFL German reading test. You can read why in my original post. Here’s a quick update. 1. I gave myself an extra three weeks and scheduled the test the second week of January. I just felt like I wouldn’t be quite ready by…

Ojiya Balloon Festival
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Day in the Life of a Language Learner

Here’s how I’m studying right now. So far it’s been extremely effective for my specific goals. I’m studying for a reading proficiency test and ultimately a translation test, so I’m tailoring my efforts toward passing my exams. I’m trying to improve my listening, as well, because I think that good listening skills lend well to…