A scene from the opening credits of "La Teacher de Inglés." If people dancing the Charleston in a place of business doesn't clue you in that there are going to be antics, then i don't know what.

Update on Spanish Project

Okay, so I’ve been working on my listening-only Spanish project for about three weeks. Here’s a very quick post to let you know about my progress. And I seriously thought about not mentioning this, but I’m going to be up front: I cheated. I’ll explain below. Listening The listening is going well. Here’s the list…

Plaza de Puerta Cerrada, Madrid
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Learn Spanish in a Year – Project Results

Last November, when I was still living in Germany, I began studying Spanish. I’ve discussed why before, but briefly: I had visited Spain and loved everything about it. I knew I was moving back to the United States and would have access to Spanish-language media. I wanted to visit Spanish-speaking countries in the Caribbean, Central…


Review: Easy Spanish Reader

In my quest to learn Spanish, I’ve gone through quite a few materials. I’ll be reviewing individual courses and books to let  you know what I thought of them and, more importantly, how well they worked for me. I don’t want to waste your time, so I’m going to follow a template (which you’ll see…