Leap for your goals
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Wrap Up: 30 Days of Progress

Well, I needed a win in the language learning game, and I got one. For the past 30 days, I’ve had a renewed sense of urgency in my Tagalog learning, and I’ve finally been able to turn the corner on my progress. My big three wins: 1. I subscribed to Filipino Pod 101. This cost…

Broken Eggs, Jean-Baptiste Greuze
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How to Get Over Being a Language Failure

Man. I’ve been a language failure with my last couple projects. I had two big goals recently: pass the ATA German-to-English translation test and reach the A2 level in Tagalog in 15 weeks. I failed twice! Last weekend, a letter came in the mail saying I didn’t pass the translation exam. I had translated two…

The Polyglot’s Battle Cry

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Site Update

Just a quick update on the site and myself. I realized a couple things in the last month: I don’t want to study Arabic right now (which, for those of you who haven’t been following along, as been what I’ve been studying for a couple months). On the blog, I’m going to take the focus…